Farmers & Farm Women
Discipline Title Month
Agronomy Nutrient management Apr, May
Integrated Crop management June, Aug
Soil Fertility management July
Cropping System Aug
Crop Diversification Sept
Resource Conservation Technology Oct
Water Management Nov, Dec
Integrated Nutrient Management May, Nov
(PC/Ag. Engg)
INM & IPM in summer vegetables April
Layout & Management of Fruit Orchard May
Off Season Vegetable Production July/Aug
Animal Science Poultry Management April
Goatary Management May
Piggery Management June
Dairy management July, Oct
Animal Disease Management Aug, Dec
Animal Nutrition Management Jul/Aug/Sept/Jan
Fisheries Composite Fish Culture April, May
Integrated Farming System Apr/May/Nov/Dec
Breeding & hatchery Management June, July
Carp fry &fingerling production Aug, Sept
Fish Processing & Value Addition Nov
Home Science Value Addition Apr, May
Income Generation Activities Apr, June
Mushroom Farming Nov, Dec, Jan
Vermicomposting July, Aug
Agriculture Engineering Soil & Water Conservation Apr, May
O & M of Drum Paddy Seeder June
Raising of Mat type paddy nursery July
Repair & maintenance of Farm machinery & implements July
Use of plastics in farm practices Sept
Application of Zero tillage farm tools Oct, Nov
Installation of Drip Irrigation Dec, Jan
Rural Youth
Discipline Title Month
Agronomy Seed Production July, Dec
(PC/Ag Engg)
Fertilizer management in Fruit Production June
Training & Pruning of Orchard Nov, Dec
Animal Science Poultry Farming Nov, Feb
Goat Farming Sept, Oct
Fisheries Freshwater Prawn Culture June, Sept, Dec
Composite Fish Culture Aug, Oct
Home Science Value Addition Aug, Dec, Jan
Women friendly tools Nov
Vermicomposting Sept
Mushroom Farming Oct
Agriculture Engineering Repair & maintenance of Farm machinery & implements Sept, Jan
Post harvest Technology Oct, Nov
Extension Personal
Discipline Title Month
Agronomy Productivity Enhancement of Field Crops June
Integrated Nutrient Management Jan
Horticulture Rejuvenation of Old Orchard Dec
Protected Vegetable Production Jan
Animal Science Zoonotic disease Management Nov
Infertility Management in dairy Jan
Fisheries Advances in Aquaculture Techn. Jan
Skill development in Fisheries Jan
Agriculture Engineering Rejuvenation of old orchard July
Protected cultivation technology Sept

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