The KVK organizes following major extension activities every year :
- Field Day

- Kisan Mela

- Kisan Gosthi

- Exhibition

- Film Show

- Method Demonstrations

- Farmers Seminar

- Workshop

- Group meetings

- Lectures delivered as resource persons

- Newspaper coverage

- Radio talks

- TV talks

Group Action

KVK has initiated the concept of group approach during the year 2009 for technology assessment, refinement and dissemination. Earlier an individual approach with farmers was utilized by the KVK, but owing to its limited advantages, other constraints of time, labour & cost, and Vision 2025 of the ICAR in NER region, the KVK-South Tripura has adopted a group approach to address the emerging problems and needs of the farming community. The KVK is making effort to establish Innovative Farmers Interest Group (Udjogi Pariwar) to innovate and modify the technology at the farmers’ field level. The basic objective behind formulation of Farmers Interest Group is to achieve the dissemination of technology at macro and micro level. During the technology dissemination process through group organization, the KVK is forming a three-tier model for technology assessment, refinement and dissemination.

Three Tier Systems

TIER-I Innovative Farmers Interest Group KVK Apex level Technology Assessment and Refinement - Crops
- Monthly/Bi-monthly meeting
- Field visit
- Experience sharing
TIER-II Farmers Club Village at macro level Technology Dissemination - Formation of concept and commodity wise groups
- Development of village action plan
- Involved in planning, selection, monitoring and implementation
- Feedback to KVK
- Strengthening of existing SHGs
TIER-III Self Help Group Village at micro level Technology dissemination and credit Mobilisation - Utilisation of credit for technology adoption
- Promotion of farm and non-farm activities
- Entrepreneurship development

Innovative Farmers Interest Group (FIG)

ICAR is continuously developing agriculture technologies for farmers which is required to be transferred in the farmer's field effectively . Many farmers are also experimenting in their field using indigenous and exogenous techniques. The results obtained by ICAR and farmers are not replicated to other farmers due to lack of group contact, lack of institutional support to these innovative farmers, poor interaction and communication between the farmers, poor input and infrastructure support. Keeping all these aspects in view, the KVK is developing the concept of Udjogi Pariwar i.e. Innovative Farmers Interest Group (FIG) by involving all the innovative farmers. The farmers involved in the FIG will operate various enterprises like agriculture, horticulture, fisheries and animal husbandry.

Objectives :

1. To identify commodity wise problems and make available solutions through On Farm Trials (OFTs).
2. Assessment and refinement of technologies based on the farming situation.
3. To develop leadership among the farmers to carry out the work
4. To exchange information, ideas, skills, resources among each others.
5. To develop the feedback to research and development.
6. To replicate the technology developed among the farmers through FLDs.

The members of Udjogi Pariwar will from the different parts of the district having expertise in different commodities. Regular meetings of such farmers is being organized by the KVK to share the experiences of their field of experiments. This will help to develop the technologies or refine the available technologies

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